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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:00 pm    Post subject: Rules and Regulations

Welcome to imperium I hope we can make this the best guild on PWI I thank you for giving us the chance to work with you. Of course any organization that lacks at least some rules is doomed to fail. I expect all members of Imperium to follow these rules should you have any issues or grievances please notify me either on the website or in game and ill be happy to assist.[Rules are subject to change with or without notice please check the site regularly for updates]

Rule #1: Any players who are absent more than 1 month (30 Days) who does not inform an officer of their absence will be removed from the faction. If you have prior knowledge of a long period of time in which you will be unable to play please notify me or another officer we will work with you.

Rule #2: Harassment of other players either in faction or in another faction will result in immediate removal from the faction pending investigation. While our group may be pvp focused at times we will not allow any members of our faction to create a toxic playing environment for other players.

Rule #3: While our members are important to us we will not assist anyone who has violated the EULA or any other official rules set by Perfect World Entertainment

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